Lost Laughs

Lost Laughs From The Past

Monday 23 May
St Kilda Town Hall

$18 Full/$15 Concession

Indie cinema from the 70s'

Take a step back in time and watch two of Australia's memorable short films from the 70's Buckeye and Pinto, and Terror Lostralis.

B grade! Cult classic! Gay cowboys, tusked killer koalas, gender bending, greed, adventure, lust, death and distaster: Buckeye and Pinto (1977) and Terror Lostralis (1978) have it all. These two indie comedies played for over 12 months to late-night audiences at The Valhalla cinemas in Richmond and Glebe. Not seen for decades, the NFSA presents the full program – complete with advertisements and newsreel.

Made as spoofs, the filmmakers subvert the conventions of the western in Buckeye and Pinto and disaster films in Terror Lostralis. The films tackle important issues like the role of women, sexuality and the inclusion of gratuitous shots of Australian fauna – with a blast of 1970s gusto. Terror lostralis was nominated for the AFI award for Best Short Film in 1980 and both were screened at the 1981 Festival of Sydney.

The films were a collaboration between enfants terribles Phil Pinder, Mitchell Faircloth, Tracy Harvey, Simon Thorpe, Gary Adams, David Shepherd and Nino Gaetano Martinetti. Enrolled at Preston Institute of Technology, they honed their collective talents in theatre, music, writing and painting with creations like the satirical country and western act The Whittle Family and the Punter to Punter radio show. Together and separately, they have continued working on screen, over the airwaves and on stage at iconic Melbourne venues like The Last Laugh, The Pram Factory and La Mama.

Following the screening, stick around for a QnA with special guests Mitchell Faircloth, Tim Isaacson and Tracy Harvey.  

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Buckeye and Pinto

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